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May 22, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

A few weeks ago, after consultation, I made the decision to discontinue the Parish Festival. This is a good time for that. Last year's Festival was a joyous note to end on, with its good weather and wonderful spirits.  

There is much to be said for the Festival.  To name just a couple: 

The Festival is a wholesome gathering for the neighborhood and a witness to our presence in the community.  
Everyone involved in the Festival during its history, has generously given of time, creativity, and energy.  

Still, even though we have not emphasized it as a money-making event, there is a very low dollar return for the amount of time and energy and volunteer work that goes into the Festival, as compared to festivals in other parishes.  

I am grateful for Sarah's openness to either continue the Festival in some form, or to let it go.  And I am grateful to her especially for running the Festival for the past several years.

I do not know what all of you may think of doing in the future to announce Christ’s presence in this neighborhood. But all of you are so creative and loving, and I am sure it will be wonderful.

In Easter Joy,

fr.tom sig

Mis hermanos y hermanas:  
Hace unas semanas después de algunas consultas, decidí suspender el Festival de la Parroquia.  Y este es un buen momento para hacerlo.  El Festival del año pasado tuvo una forma positiva de terminar; con un buen tiempo y  una energía maravillosa.
Hay mucho que decir sobre el Festival.  Por nombrar sólo un par: 
- El Festival es una saludable celebración en el  vecindario y testimonio de nuestra presencia en la co munidad.  
- A lo largo de su historia, todos los partici- pantes en el Festival han aportado genero- samente su tiempo, su creatividad y su ener- gía.  
Sin embargo, aunque no lo hemos enfatizado como un evento que genera dinero, hay un escaso retorno en dólares para la cantidad de tiempo, energía y trabajo voluntario que se dedica al Festival en comparación con los festivales de otras parroquias.  
Estoy agradecido por la apertura de Sarah de seguir con el festival o dejarlo ir. Y quiero agradecer especialmente a ella, por dirigir el Festival durante los últimos años.  
No sé lo que todos ustedes piensen o hagan en el futuro para anunciar la presencia de Cristo en este vecindario.  Pero todos ustedes son muy creativos y afectuosos, y estoy seguro de que será maravilloso.  
Con gozo en la Pascua,

fr.tom sig

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Sean Hussey Young Adult and College Campus Ministry:

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The month of July is dedicated to The Precious Blood of Jesus. The entire month falls within the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, which is represented by the liturgical color green. This symbol of hope is the color of the sprouting seed and arouses in the faithful the hope of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven, especially the hope of a glorious resurrection. It is used in the offices and Masses of Ordinary Time.


O Mary, you always brighten our path as a sign of salvation and of hope. We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick, who, at the Cross, took part in Jesus’ pain while remaining steadfast in the faith. O loving mother, you know what we need, and we are confident you will provide for us as at Cana in Galilee. Intercede for us with your Son Jesus, the Divine Physician, for those who have fallen ill, for those who are vulnerable, and for those who have died. Intercede also for those charged with protecting the health and safety of others and for those who are tending to the sick and seeking a cure. Help us, O Mother of Divine Love, to conform to the will of the Father and to do as we are told by Jesus, who took upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows, so as to lead us, through the Cross, to the glory of the Resurrection. Amen.


Under thy protection, we seek refuge, O Holy Mother of God. In our needs, despise not our petitions, but deliver us always from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.
Adapted from the prayer of Pope Francis


Father of all, Creator and ruler of the universe, You entrusted your world to us as a gift. Help us to care for it and all people, that we may live in a right relationship-- with You, with ourselves, with one another, and with creation.

Christ our Lord, both divine and human, You lived among us and died for our sins. Help us to imitate your love for the human family by recognizing that we are all connected— to our brothers and sisters around the world, to those in poverty impacted by environmental devastation, and to future generations.

Holy Spirit, the giver of wisdom and love, You breathe life in us and guide us. Help us to live according to your vision, stirring to action the hearts of all—
individuals and families, communities of faith, and civil and political leaders.

Triune God, help us to hear the cry of those in poverty, and the cry of the earth, so that we may together care for our common home. Amen.


This prayer from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is based on Pope Francis' Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home



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